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Most people’s lives stink. This podcast is about positively disrupting lives

August 30, 2018

Episode 12: Some Modern Women Have This Career Goal And It May Shock You (And Guys…Clean Up!)

In episode 12, we sit down with Courtney Sohler, who operates the website The Strong Homemaker.

In this episode which is bound to cause some controversy, she explains why some women are foregoing the expected path of competing in the rat race, and instead embracing being homemakers.

We discuss some of the reasons for this, whether it's "oppressive," and how can women who embrace this choice find the type of guy who can provide in a way that allows them to stay at home.

And, we just had to ask Courtney some tips on how to make your house a little more presentable, especially since many women consider messy houses (and cars) a dealbreaker.

This is truly some "disruptive love" in the year 2018. 

Check her out on Twitter too!


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