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Most people’s lives stink. This podcast is about positively disrupting lives


In episode 14, we have a conversation with Charles Messow, who is the driving force behind the brand new dating app Cove

This is a fascinating episode, and if you're single and fed up with online dating (everyone we know is totally over online dating), then you'll want to hear this episode. 

We discuss the limits of online dating, and why online dating goes against human evolution and nature, so this explains why is rarely works and why everyone gets so frustrated. Women often have little investment in the process because they get bombarded with likes and matches, and guys barely get any attention. 

Cove, however, tries to remedy many of these problems, and does so in an exciting and interactive way. 

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On this episode we talk with Ersilia Pompilio, a pediatric nurse practitioner, who also hosts The Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast. We are discussing her wisdom related to dating and relationships, which she blogs about at Notoriously Single Girl

We cover a variety of topics, including some of the perils of online dating, why men are so clueless, what is up with guys sending junk pics, stigmatization of single people, why being single is actually fun, and much much more.

Also be sure to check out her twitter.


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In episode 12, we sit down with Courtney Sohler, who operates the website The Strong Homemaker.

In this episode which is bound to cause some controversy, she explains why some women are foregoing the expected path of competing in the rat race, and instead embracing being homemakers.

We discuss some of the reasons for this, whether it's "oppressive," and how can women who embrace this choice find the type of guy who can provide in a way that allows them to stay at home.

And, we just had to ask Courtney some tips on how to make your house a little more presentable, especially since many women consider messy houses (and cars) a dealbreaker.

This is truly some "disruptive love" in the year 2018. 

Check her out on Twitter too!


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In this episode we sit down with Dani Shugart, a fitness enthusiast and expert, as well as an editor and writer for the popular fitness website T-Nation

We discuss the limitations of "fat acceptance," "body positivity," and "self love" movements when it comes to getting dates and relationships, and why "self-respect" and "self-empathy" are far better for your health and social life.

Dani also explains why lifting is beneficial for men and women both, and goes over some of the myths associated with lifting and being "bulky." 

This was a fun and engaging interview, so you'll want to check it out! By the way, here is the article David referenced about guys being muscular and getting more dates, sex, etc.

Be sure to follow Dani on Twitter.

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For this episode, we have a great conversation with Vince Guaglione, author of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Short Guy With No Game: An Average Joe's Observations from the Deep End of the Dating Pool. Vince is a self-described "average Joe" who is middle aged, short, and has no "game." So, what's it like basically being "average" and trying to date both online and in real life? Hint: average isn't always good enough!

Vince explains some of the funny things that happened to him along the way, including women choosing to leave singles events rather than engage any of the average guys in attendance. And, it's not all bad news, because when writing his book, Vince discovered tools to overcome some of the limitations of being average. We discuss some of the ways average guys can get a leg up in the dating world.

Be sure to check out Vince's Twitterpersonal website, as well as the Facebook page related to the book, where guys can share stories and insights related to dating: The Average Joe's Dating Confessional





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We bring back Joshua Wagner to discuss cognitive distortions, which are illogical and unhelpful thoughts, and how they can hurt your relationships. We cover some major ones that most people are susceptible to, discuss how they impact dating and relationships, and how to challenge and confront these harmful thoughts.

Be sure to check out his website, Humanity HQ and follow him on Twitter.

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Today we have Jesse Peterson on our podcast. This is a very fun and informative podcast episode that looks at dating in 2018, whether you like it or not!

Jesse operates the website Tinder District, and is a professed "serial dater" who explains what it's like to go on dates with a lot of different guys she meets online and in other places. She tells us about the good, the bad (or at least the weird), and the ugly.

We also discuss how guys and women both can make themselves stand out and engage others effectively in the cutthroat environment that is modern dating (hint: guys, ask a girl out at the time you're getting along with her, NOT by googling her, stalking her Instagram, and messaging her on there days later). 

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For this episode we sit down with author, speaker, wife, and mom Rebecca Lemke, to discuss her experience with Christian "purity culture," as well as our experiences with it. We discuss a lot of fascinating and fun topics, including: "emotional STDs," people who swear off dating only to suddenly "date" when they meet a hot partner, Christians who "kiss dating goodbye" and how this has led many people to be chronically single into their 30s and 40s, as well as guys who think being a good Christian will get them a date with Christian girls - only to get passed up for hot bad boys.

And, we talk about ways to nurture healthy views on dating instead, where Rebecca explains that for Christians, the focus should be on Christ and not a bunch of impossible-to-follow sexual rules.

Check out Rebecca's website The Scarlet Virgins, and her book, The Scarlet Virgins: Sex Replaces Salvation.

Remember to be sure to check out our other projects beside this podcast, at Double Trust Dating and  The Popular Man!

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Here we sit down and talk to dating and relationship expert Christy Goldstein, who helps us understand what it's like dating with a disability, which is the theme of her new book Dating While Disabled. Christy also runs the website Christy Goldstein - The Sexpert.

We had a great discussion with Christy, as she helps us understand what it's like dating with a disability, and  ways disabled individuals can get into happy and healthy relationships, as well as the challenges involved. Be sure to have a listen!

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In this episode, we sit down and have an engaging discussion with Christelyn Karazin about interracial dating, focusing primarily on black women who are interested in dating white men. Christelyn is the author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed. She runs Beyond Black and White, and offers multiple helpful dating courses, including "The Pink Pill." 

We discuss what interracial couples are up against, as well as effective dating strategies for men and women who want to date outside of their races. Open your mind and join us for some fascinating discussion!


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